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FIVISA – Fierro Vignoli S.A. – was founded in August 1941 by Mr. Carlos Fierro Vignoli. In 1952 the company was incorporated as Fierro Vignoli S.A., name with which it works to this day.

At first it specialized (only) in the sale of lighting equipments and other related products; but a few years later it started selling electrical supplies and its growth has not stopped ever since. Currently it owns 10 stores and a logistics center for merchandise distribution.

In 1960 the company opened its first branch in the city of Maldonado, contributing to the tourism development of the Eastern area of the country.

By 1965 it was already considered the main electrical supplies company in the Uruguayan market.

Over the years the company opened stores in the departments of Paysandú, Salto and Colonia.

Almost at the same time a second branch was opened in the department of Maldonado, in the city of Punta del Este.

The company’s expansion process continued, with stores being opened in Ciudad de la Costa, Solymar, during the 90s. It was also during this time that our Hardware store opened, adding another line to complement the above-mentioned one, and offering a wider variety of products for the convenience of our customers.

In 2006 two more branches were opened in the cities of Mercedes and Tacuarembó, increasing FIVISA’s presence and leadership in the country.

The expansion continued and in 2008 the first branch was opened in Montevideo in the area of Mercado Modelo.

There are currently expansion works being carried out in the company’s Headquarters and in the Mercado Modelo branch, which will triple its sales area. A new store with a large parking area was recently opened in the Maldonado branch.
The dedication and commitment of all those who work at FIVISA have made it possible for us to become an icon and leader of the electrical supplies market in the country, offering high-quality services that are guaranteed by our 70-year old history